February 2015 finished pendants

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Six of the eight pendants are concave polished, all groove wrapped with sterling silver.


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Jewellery like this pendant can be obtained from:DSCN2866


More Hearts

When you are on a good thing stick to it.

All stones are grooved for a simple silver wire wrap as in the top of the picture.

All but 3 from Agate Creek.

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Agate creek stone and silver

Agate creek stone and silver

This one is on etsy


Bracelets for 2014

Bracelets for 2014

These are a few of my latest project


November Frenzy

Agate creek thunder egg (October killer cab) & an agate from Morocco. Both done with the shape of a mosque doorway.



Stones from Friendly heart gems (fullerton) Chrysocolla November killer cab entry, Amethyst and Burtite all from Cloncurry area.


Back to my reset position. agates from Agate Creek, just a few of the many patterns from there.


A few more from Agate Creek



Killer cab for September 2013

Killer cab for September 2013

This is a cab from the Pink Patch Agate Creek Queensland.

The back of the cab has a image that I liked better than the top but was ruled out due to a shallow crack on the top that has now been ground off.


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